Panama City Beach Waterproofing

Gain the peace of mind you deserve by having your property or investment properly waterproofed and protected from the elements.


Coating & Sealing for Waterproofing

Construction in the Florida Panhandle requires meticulous attention to detail, especially when it comes to controlling water intrusion. Over 30 years of experience has given us the knowledge and understanding of products and systems that excel at waterproofing in our unique environment.

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How It Works

We protect your home or business with specialty coatings, deck coatings, epoxy injection, fire stopping material, penetration sealant and joint sealant, all areas of possible intrusion are within our scope. Structures large and small can be successfully waterproofed and sealed by Clements Construction Inc..

Why It’s Important

The average cost of water intrusion damage is $2,000 per event in the US. There are many structural factors of your home or business that most likely need water intrusion protection or repair. These include windows and doors, siding, roof to wall and other areas of your property exposed to the elements. These areas are likely to need attention periodically and are prone to failure with conventional construction.
  • Protect Doorways, Windows, Decks, Siding and Roofs
  • Gain Peace of Mind
  • Coastal Construction Experience
  • Professional and Highly Respected
  • Florida Certified Building Contractor
  • Licensed & Insured

Cracking, A Sign of Water Damage


Decks, Rotting From No Protection


Windows, Must Be Properly Sealed