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We have over 30 years of experience as a Panama City Beach Contractor and have built many of the structures you see everyday.


To best describe Clements Construction Inc involves telling you about our customers, our trade associates, our designers, our engineers, and our suppliers…These are the people who make us who we are! Builders today can serve in a variety of roles depending on the needs of a customer. Our resources and experience keep us ready and capable to assist our customer, not only in completing a construction project but also in building value in the investment.

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What’s different

Clements Construction Inc offers a full line of commercial construction services built on the long standing reputation as ‘NW Florida’s Most Trusted Builder’. We understand there is no ‘standard’ project; your project has individual and distinct requirements that call for special attention. With the knowledge of over 30 years building everything from single family homes to corporate headquarters, we can serve as a great source of information that will be very helpful in the development stage of your project. The awareness we have of the current market conditions and our design and estimating capabilities allow us to assist you in value engineering and analyzing the structure and the finishes you are contemplating.

Our Approach

As a commercial building contractor, we recognize that in the final analysis we are no better than the performance we are able to manage from our subcontractors. Our approach to any job is the same: first of all we associate ourselves with qualified firms capable of providing the services that particular job requires; and we establish a ‘teamwork’ approach to getting the job done. Communication is also a critical element of construction projects. We have the reputation of ‘saying what we mean and meaning what we say’.

This allows you to spend less time keeping up with the status of the project and more time planning for your production start up.

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